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What really separates you as a law-abiding citizen from the common criminal? You follow the law and want to protect what is good. You have the right to use deadly force to defend yourself and the people you love. But when can you use it?

As a law-abiding gun owner, you have to understand when you can legally use deadly force. You also have to understand how to control your body so you can defend yourself and make the right decisions during an attack.

As your family’s first line of defense, you need to know what to expect. This training series will prepare you to understand when you can use deadly force and how to control your body’s response to an actual attack.

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UpdatedJune 16, 2021
Duration1 episodes / 1h14m

Michael Martin

Tim Schmidt

Series Episodes

Content Locked - Padlock IconEp1: Introduction to Deadly Force


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp2: Road Rage Scenario Test


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp3: Restaurant Robbery


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp4: FAQ (Part 1)


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp5: Confidence Comes From Clarity


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp6: Grocery Store Robbery


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp7: Beer Hall Shooting


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp8: FAQ (Part 2)


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp9: CCHDF Class - Further Training Essentials