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1 episodes / 1h28m

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Do you know how to rapidly address the penetration wounds of a bullet, knife or debris? Did you know duct tape is actually an effective first-aid tool?

Understanding how to immediately treat severe injuries is an essential skill for any responsible protector. That knowledge can give you the confidence to calmly administer first aid to yourself or another person when you only have minutes to make lifesaving decisions.

Follow along with Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, and Anthony Lambert of ACT Training as they review the essential steps of trauma care.

Discover how to treat serious injuries ranging from gunshot wounds and broken bones to severe bleeding. This series will teach you how to quickly assess injuries. You will then learn how to apply tourniquets, cravat bandages, slings and even create improvised bandages. These modern first-aid techniques include valuable lessons learned from front-line military personnel and EMTs, including the use of pressure points to stop severe bleeding.

At the end of this training series, we will also teach you how to create emergency trauma kits for homes, cars and personal carry.

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UpdatedMay 27, 2021
Duration1 episodes / 1h28m

Kevin Michalowski

Anthony Lambert

Series Episodes

Content Locked - Padlock IconEp1: Introduction to Trauma Care


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp2: Don’t Panic: Mental, Emotional & Physical Preparedness


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp3: Primary Injury Assessment: Secure the Scene, Check Yourself, Help Others


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp:4 Unconscious Patients: ABCs, Blood Sweeps & 911


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp5: Types of Bleeding: Identifying & Stopping Severe Blood Loss


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp6: Israeli Bandages & Improvised Slings: Treating Venous Bleeding and Broken Arms


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp7: Applying Tourniquets: How to Stop Severe Bleeding in Legs & Arms


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp8: Sucking Chest Wound: Treating Wounds to the Chest & Lungs


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp9: Cravat Bandage (Triangle Bandage): Flexible & Effective Multi-Wound Bandage


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp10: Trauma Kits: Create Your Essential Personal, Home and Vehicle Kits


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp11: Homemade First Aid (DIY Advice): Everyday Items That Can Save Your Life