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1 episodes / 56m

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It’s time to dive into the messy reality of real self-defense situations: Carjackings, home invasions, road rage and even random attacks while out walking. There’s no shortage of possible threats out there. So we ran some through some rapid simulations of actual self-defense situations.

The end result? A wealth of self-defense insights that unfold in mere seconds. We’ll dissect each scenario so you can take the key learning points and add them to your own self-defense arsenal.

Remember, the body can’t go where the mind has never been. Now it’s time to put yourself in the shoes of people facing heart-pounding self-defense situations.

Your hosts for this training series will be Kevin Michalowski, executive editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, and Attorney Tom Grieve, a highly-awarded former state prosecutor and founder of one of the largest criminal defense firms in Wisconsin.

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UpdatedJune 16, 2021
Duration1 episodes / 56m

Kevin Michalowski

Tom Grieve

Series Episodes

Content Locked - Padlock IconEp1: Home Invasion


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp2: Carjacking


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp3: Flat Tire


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp4: Road Rage


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp5: Trail Attack


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp6: Home Burglary