P Avideo Situational Awareness

1 episodes / 41m

Series Description

Mastering situational awareness is your first step to defeating an attacker before one ever strikes. Many people walk through life assuming someone else is responsible for providing their safety and protecting the lives of the people they love.

But when an attack actually does come, you cannot count on someone else being there to defend you. This training series will teach you how to make a few small changes to your daily life to become a hard target.

  • Make yourself a hard target by never looking like an easy victim
  • Arm yourself with the “Cooper Color Codes” of awareness
  • Learn how to live in “Condition Yellow”
  • Detect threats before they strike
  • Defeat attackers with superior planning

Series Details

UpdatedJune 16, 2021
Duration1 episodes / 41m

Kevin Michalowski

Tim Schmidt

Series Episodes

Content Locked - Padlock IconEp1: Proven Methods to Prevent and Stop Attackers


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp2: Find the Self-Defense Weapons Best for You


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp3: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp4: The Physiology of Real Fights


Content Locked - Padlock IconEp5: Survive the Legal Aftermath